I started this blog in September 2011.

The date of my most recent post, until now? September 2014.

So, after three years of consistent blogging, why the three month absence?

I did not stop writing. I simply stopped writing here at

This is not because I’m disappearing into some social media boneyard.

No, quite the contrary.

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The-Art-of-Breaking_Out1Have you ever heard of Bronnie Ware?

If you’re not familiar with the name, you might remember her 2012 blog post: “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.”

After years of an unfulfilling life she came to work in palliative care, nursing patients during their last days.

When Bonnie questioned these patients on regret, certain themes surfaced repeatedly. Her original post (since read by millions) listed the five most common regrets …

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Why-the-Social-Web-Needs-Thought-LeadersA few months back, Mark Schaefer wrote a post that rankled a few peeps in the blogosphere.

The post induced a mix of reactions. Those vehemently disagreeing, but many nodding in agreement.

His “Content Shock” post generated …

hundreds of comments (negative, positive and in-between);

sucked precious time from his business, (because he answered most of the comments);

and spawned a host of podcasts, articles and blog posts about this very topic …

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writerHow do you write so damn much?

I recently interviewed Gini Dietrich and that was the very question I asked her.

I wanted to know how she’s become a writing machine, continually pumping out valuable, insightful, and actionable posts.

Her answer was basically that it’s something she can’t not do.

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handsin1As marketers, it’s our job to deliver rock-solid content and effective online strategies.

And we hear a lot of talk in the blogosphere about engagement.

Social media engagement.

But this virtual party can suck you in, drain precious hours and keep you from focusing on the customers that drive your business …

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4-reasons-why-your-company-should-blogI keep reading bloggers who say content marketing is NOT for small business.

It takes too much time and effort.

If owners or managers are not on board with a plan, it will never work.

That there’s too much hype on this very topic … content marketing, that is.

Yadda, yadda, yadda …

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Surviving-and-Thriving-the-Fickle Realm-of-Social-MediaThe online realm is filled with “high priests” instructing you to “fail-fast.”

It’s also brimming with men and women behind the curtain telling you to live an epic lifestyle, where your feet are always in the warm sand.

But guess what?

Failing fast can be a lousy strategy if you want to put food on the table.

And running a business while sipping margaritas on a hot, sandy beach is a mirage engineered for quick sales.

I could go on, but I really do want to get to the point. So, let’s make this easy …

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How-Do-You-Become-a-Successful BloggerHow Many “Famous” Bloggers Do You Know? (This isn’t a trick question).

Now, how many “successful” bloggers do you know? That’s even more nebulous, right?

I recently spoke to a small group of Marketing Directors familiar with Content Marketing.

The talk dabbled in SEO, but guess what? They didn’t know who Matt Cutts or Rand Fishkin were.

Gasp! …

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Coffee CupToday I want to explain the virtues of a simple practice.

A daily act that has the power to change everything.

This post is not for the writer/blogger who is already deep into this wonderful habit.

No, this is for the small business owner.

The corporate renegade.

A lone wolf looking to bust a move.

It’s pointed at …

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Why-Businesses-Hate_ContentMarketingHave you ever tried to explain what Content Marketing is to a small business owner?

Ever been to a meeting where social media comes up and you’re greeted with blank stares and a “let’s please move on” gaze?

And what about the following …

“I like the idea, but not right now.”

“We just don’t have time.”

“I don’t write … ”

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