How-I-Grew-My-Business-With-Foolish-Old-School-TacticsRecently while looking to expand my services I did something that would make some internet gurus blind with rage.

I partook in something from another era that goes against every fiber of their being.

In fact, I combined a horse and buggy form of media with an age-old practice that according to some, went out of style around 1998.

Before I tell you, let me just warn you this could induce a fainting spell, so you might have to sit down and take three deep breaths.

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The-4-Most-Important-Steps-to Finding-Great-Customers-OnlineI’m in love with Kim Kardashian.


Well, I sometimes watch Jimmy Kimmel, plus it’s kinda hard to skip the latest E-Network News when you’re waiting for an episode of Chelsea Lately, and I see that sweet, innocent face at the grocery checkout every time I go.

What’s a boy to do?

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Why-your-brand-needs-purposeHow do you build a successful brand  online?

Um … nevermind, let me start over …

How do you craft a sticky online presence that builds a stark raving mad fan base, creates the perception of authority and helps you, dear friend, put food on the table?

How? Well as you’ll see from the examples below it’s not just about visuals. In fact, I think picking a specialty, having a non-passive voice, and practicing consistency are key elements to a killer brand.

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Want-to-Know-How-Your-blog-Will-Change-the-World?What is your worst case scenario?

Mine? I’m a feeble and bitter old man, imprisoned in a tired home for the aged. My family is gone, my dog is dead, and I have no friends.

It’s something I think about all the time – the old, lone wolf, alone and forgotten.

The Reality

I hate to break it to you, but chances are memories of you will not live on after you’ve expired. This is outside of your immediate family, of course. Major bummer, right?

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How-to-Be-Interesting-in-a-World-of-Niche-PlayersThe best bloggers have mastered the art of attracting eyeballs.

And of this elite group, I often see two completely different approaches to building audience and winning customers.

Two entirely different styles of blogging done right.

Either formula can lead to speaking gigs, loads of comments, or becoming internet famous, but what about bringing in amazing clients?

Today I would like to focus on these two camps, how they operate and why one might help you bust a move.

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How-Are-You-Going-to-Succeed-OnlineOr maybe I should ask you this …

What are your online dreams?

Do you start your day in a motivational frame of mind after reading the latest from James Altucher?

Nodding in agreement while watching Pat Flynn show you how to create a passive income stream?

Pumped after listening to the latest Gary Vaynerchuk interview?

Me too.

Now what are you doing now to make “it” happen?

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3-Surefire-Ways-to-Make-Your-Personal-Brand-Come-AliveDying to share your expertise to the world?

Trying to turn something you love into a cash making enterprise?

Need Brand You to bust a move?

It’s no secret I think you need a great brand presence to bring in business. But today’s post is about the lone wolf /solopreneur trying to make more than a go of it.

You want to build up zee online presence and be the wise and trusted, but slightly wild wizard people seek out online.

Well, before I go any further, let’s look at a few things in your favor …

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Danger of death Electric shock

At first glance the patchwork of covers seemed overwhelming.

Handyman, Outdoor Life, The New Yorker.

People, Money, Time.

Esquire, Maxim, … All About Beer. And of course, who wouldn’t want to spend Every Day with Rachel Ray?

I could find the “Secret to Dynamite Delts” in Krave Fit.

Read about “Australia’s Inked Entrepreneurs” in Tattoo.

Or take a gander at Women’s Health “Look Great Naked” piece, which lured me in a like horny 17-year-old.

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targeToday I’m pleased to announce the launch of my latest eBook.

You Don’t Need Fans, You Need Customers: Tips from 25 Experts on Converting Prospects to Customers features a diverse group of online entrepreneurs, each offering up sage bits of wisdom about finding those clients you covet.

I want this to be a guidebook for you – the business owner who wants to go beyond social shares and comment count.

So, what about your business?

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How-many-ways-can-you-make-money-onlineIs your online marketing stalled? Have you tried every trick in the book to little avail?

Have you considered the fact that you’re not drilling deep enough? That there might be some other business underneath dying to get out? A creative fire inside, ready to burst forth?

Some of the most successful people online started out as a Copywriter, Marketing Consultant, Coach, etc., but only when they went beyond those standard titles did they find success. Big success.

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