The-Art-of-Breaking_OutToday, I need your advice.

1. Let’s dive into a topic I feel passionate about …

There’s an unspoken rule about acting your age. You need to reach a certain station in life at a certain age and it’s always too late to start over.

Well, I’d like to blow the doors off that notion.

2. There’s also a huge segment of the population that could be classified as introverts, misfits, loners. People who feel like they don’t fit in.

I rather like misfits and loners.

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The-entrepreneurial-mindsetI recently listened to Jonathan Fields interview Marie Forleo on his Good Life Project podcast.

An older show I’ve been meaning to listen to for months.

I learned about Marie’s history, spirit, and mindset. And how she’s built such a successful business in a relatively short period of time.

But the golden nuggets came near the end of the discussion when the conversation turned to something we all need to embrace – an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Four-Content-Marketing-Lessons-from-Anthony-BourdainWhat can a middle-aged chef turned author turned TV host, teach businesses about online marketing?

A lot.

I wrote a similar post eons ago, but wanted to revisit this topic.

Why? I love Anthony Bourdain’s swag. In fact I can’t get enough of it. Plus, I find creative inspiration in his work.

And guess what?

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How-I-Grew-My-Business-With-Foolish-Old-School-TacticsRecently while looking to expand my services I did something that would make some internet gurus blind with rage.

I partook in something from another era that goes against every fiber of their being.

In fact, I combined a horse and buggy form of media with an age-old practice that according to some, went out of style around 1998.

Before I tell you, let me just warn you this could induce a fainting spell, so you might have to sit down and take three deep breaths.

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4-Reasons-Why-the-Future-of-Blogging Means-Nothing-to-Your-Online-BusinessThere’s a topic I would like to expand on.

And I guarantee you’ll have a strong opinion on it.

It’s something online businesses must pay attention to, but before you think about dropping bombs of wisdom in the comments below, let me lay this puppy out …

Doom and gloom is an easy topic to write about. Bloggers eat it up, especially when we discuss their bread and butter – the future of blogging.

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How to Build a Brand-that-Will-Grow-Your-BusinessHow healthy is your brand?

Do you feel that the image you project, truly represents what you do?

Does the tone of your copy jibe with the design of your website?

And what about your posts? Do they proudly display your skills and tell a good story?

In other words, have you built an online property that shows you as an authority, converts readers to customers, and helps grow your business?

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The-4-Most-Important-Steps-to Finding-Great-Customers-OnlineI’m in love with Kim Kardashian.


Well, I sometimes watch Jimmy Kimmel, plus it’s kinda hard to skip the latest E-Network News when you’re waiting for an episode of Chelsea Lately, and I see that sweet, innocent face at the grocery checkout every time I go.

What’s a boy to do?

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Why-your-brand-needs-purposeHow do you build a successful brand  online?

Um … nevermind, let me start over …

How do you craft a sticky online presence that builds a stark raving mad fan base, creates the perception of authority and helps you, dear friend, put food on the table?

How? Well as you’ll see from the examples below it’s not just about visuals. In fact, I think picking a specialty, having a non-passive voice, and practicing consistency are key elements to a killer brand.

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Want-to-Know-How-Your-blog-Will-Change-the-World?What is your worst case scenario?

Mine? I’m a feeble and bitter old man, imprisoned in a tired home for the aged. My family is gone, my dog is dead, and I have no friends.

It’s something I think about all the time – the old, lone wolf, alone and forgotten.

The Reality

I hate to break it to you, but chances are memories of you will not live on after you’ve expired. This is outside of your immediate family, of course. Major bummer, right?

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How-to-Be-Interesting-in-a-World-of-Niche-PlayersThe best bloggers have mastered the art of attracting eyeballs.

And of this elite group, I often see two completely different approaches to building audience and winning customers.

Two entirely different styles of blogging done right.

Either formula can lead to speaking gigs, loads of comments, or becoming internet famous, but what about bringing in amazing clients?

Today I would like to focus on these two camps, how they operate and why one might help you bust a move.

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