Danger of death Electric shock

At first glance the patchwork of covers seemed overwhelming.

Handyman, Outdoor Life, The New Yorker.

People, Money, Time.

Esquire, Maxim, … All About Beer. And of course, who wouldn’t want to spend Every Day with Rachel Ray?

I could find the “Secret to Dynamite Delts” in Krave Fit.

Read about “Australia’s Inked Entrepreneurs” in Tattoo.

Or take a gander at Women’s Health ”Look Great Naked” piece, which lured me in a like horny 17-year-old.

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targeToday I’m pleased to announce the launch of my latest eBook.

You Don’t Need Fans, You Need Customers: Tips from 25 Experts on Converting Prospects to Customers features a diverse group of online entrepreneurs, each offering up sage bits of wisdom about finding those clients you covet.

I want this to be a guidebook for you – the business owner who wants to go beyond social shares and comment count.

So, what about your business?

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How-many-ways-can-you-make-money-onlineIs your online marketing stalled? Have you tried every trick in the book to little avail?

Have you considered the fact that you’re not drilling deep enough? That there might be some other business underneath dying to get out? A creative fire inside, ready to burst forth?

Some of the most successful people online started out as a Copywriter, Marketing Consultant, Coach, etc., but only when they went beyond those standard titles did they find success. Big success.

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Writers BlockWhat’s the biggest challenge you face each day?

If you’re like me, it’s the creative practice. Creating art in some form.

We’ve all had those days where we stall. We lack motivation because we’re exhausted, deadline stressed, or burnt from routine.

This malaise comes in a variety of forms, but the result is the same – our creativity suffers.

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The-Three-Stages-of-a-Bloggers-LifeIf you’ve been blogging for a while, you immediately get this, right? …

You realize writing online is an iterative process. Do. Learn. Start over … Repeat.

You also understand finding your voice and your “thing” can be harder than parallel parking a 1970 Eldorado.

Yes, many have this nailed from the start, but most of us don’t.

That’s what today’s post is about: what I’ve observed, experienced and learned over the past two years. And I’m hoping this helps you, Dear Blogger in some way …

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What-You-Can-Learn-From-Six-Marketing-SuperstarsLooking to build online strategies that turn prospects into buyers?

Good, then pay attention to the six below. They are businesspeople first, bloggers second. People that can help your business find those customers you covet.

They run organizations, speak, write, and consult; and dispense sage bits of advice to individuals, start-ups and major corporations.

And these entrepreneurs will be dispensing sage bits of wisdom in my upcoming eBook.

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craig-mcbreen-Want-to-Rebrand-Your-Business?-STOP-and-Take-These-Four-Steps-FirstQuick, answer the following questions?

Would you prefer …
1. Fans?
2. Customers?
3. Brand evangelists?

Or to make this more clear …
A. Fanatic blog commenters?
B. People who buy from you?
C. Customers who purchase your products and/or services, trust you, brag to all their friends about you, and keep coming back for more?

The choice is easy, right?

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How-to-Find-the-Perfect-Client1How do you craft an online presence built to attract and convert buyers?

Eliminate the “Tire Kickers” and find paying clients?

Well, before we start let me give you a little backstory …

I started blogging two years ago, happily pounding the keyboard each day on the verge of something special, or at least I thought.

Every day I was maintaining a tenacious schedule with a killer spirit, but at the end of each day had laid a big, fat goose egg.

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How-to-Change-3-Mindsets-that-Kill-Your ProductivityThe Dreamer

When I was a kid I told everyone I was going to be a movie producer like Dino De Laurentiis.

How did I prepare for Hollywood? I watched Dino’s King Kong (the 1976 version) about 10 times. I devoured every new issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland, and I daydreamed about Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion dinosaurs, skeletons and centaurs.

I didn’t save my money (or even ask) for a Super 8 camera, write scripts or even model my own clay monsters.

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The-Power-of-StoryWhat’s the secret to standing out online?

How do you build authority and find those prize customers you covet?

How do you really make it in the online jungle?

If you deliver a consistent, helpful, engaging narrative with a core message and a specific audience in mind, you’ll blow past the competition.

Because story done right makes you likable, trustworthy, and helpful. And people buy from those they like, know and trust.

Of course, but where do you start?

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