Tree houseI know someone who blogs about living in a house fit for elves.

A minimalist who lives in a very small space.

When I first entered into this Twilight Zone built on 100 million plus blogs, I thought tiny house people were silly.

I did.

But I’ve just moved my family from a 3,500 square foot house with a view to a 900 square foot apartment.


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Is-Your-Site-Turning-Prospects-to-Customers?And if not, how do you get there?

Visual branding solutions for B2B companies is kinda my bailiwick, but like everyone else, my world is changing. Fast.

You see, I can’t approach client work like I used to, and I won’t. Why? Because part of my job is to help companies attract and retain clients, and the old model (traditional networking, trade ads, etc.) is slowly dying on the vine.

A new world of online lead generation, based on useful content marketing … well, that’s the way to go. You know this, but many small companies are still doing things the old fashioned way.

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How-to-Turn-Any-Podcast-into-A-PostWhat is Podcasting Gold?

And how can I (an average guy) teach you to turn a podcast episode into a magnetic post?

You can find great material anywhere, but you might be overlooking one of the best pieces of source material out there — the podcast.

But truth be told, my favorite podcasts are from comics. Why? Well, the long-form format, combined with (extremely bleep bleep and double-bleep) casual conversation leads to some pretty compelling stuff.  I rather like compelling and salty, but if you’re easily offended, please steer clear.

What about your list? Do you just listen? Or do you listen, repeat and take notes?

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Breaking-BadBreaking Bad is one of the best dramas in TV history.

And the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, can teach you a few things.

Yes, you.

If you don’t know, the show’s protagonist starts out as a high school chemistry teacher, but ends up fully immersed in the seedy underbelly of the meth business.

In the producer’s own words, a Mr. Chips to Scarface transformation.

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Wasting moneyIf you own a business and have considered content marketing, what is stopping you for doing IT?

Yes, content marketing. It’s been around for ages, but I’m talking about a fairly new way to attract and convert customers.

The modern incarnation of Content Marketing that many small businesses don’t embrace.

So what IS stopping you?

Is it price?

If money is your focus, let’s stop and get right to the point …

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Craig-McBreen-Why-I-Almost-Failed-at-BloggingIf you look at my first post, you’ll see how much this blog has changed.

To be honest, I had a problem back then. I was focusing on all the wrong things: Comment count, social shares and meaningless metrics.

I was sucked head-first into the mighty social vortex, and my dopamine center was lighting up like a pinball machine.

I was obsessing and writing scattershot because I was letting my emotions lead the way.

Are you?

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HELP!What’s the secret to a great tagline?

And what qualities define one that really works?

Just like my previous two articles:
Positioning and Naming I’m going to provide a framework for a rockin’ tagline.

First, let’s define what a tagline is.

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craig-mcbreen-What-Can-I-Offer-You?I’m not in this for fun.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I enjoy many aspects of our digital utopia, including meeting many super smart, driven and very generous peeps, but there’s more, waaaaay more.

There always is, right?

And this is about you, not me, but here’s my quick-and-dirty explanation …

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How-to-Pick-the-Perfect-Name-for-Your-BusinessA great name can make all the difference in the world.

And taking the time to craft one might be your most important first step.

But you see naming as a mystical practice. Something you’re not capable of.

Well there’s nothing mystical about it, really. In fact, anyone can use the steps below to come up with a bang-on name that’s catchy, unforgettable, and enduring.

And today, that’s what I’m going to show you how to do.

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Craig-McBreen-5-Secrets-to-Blogging-SuccessWant to know the secrets of the most successful bloggers?

How have they built the kind of Authority that has people lining up to do business with them?

And … how can you do the same?

Do you want to know the truth?

It’s not complicated AND there’s nothing secret about it.

There are more than a few, um A-listers I follow and they all practice the following …

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