Quick, choose a side. Are you blogging for business or fame?

by Craig McBreen · 67 comments · Social media

I recently listened to two interviews which presented disparate approaches to the world of blogging, social tools and attracting eyeballs.

I thought of the beast we call social media and how incredibly diverse this landscape has become.

One interviewee was Jay Baer, discussing his methodologies for online business and how companies can best leverage technology to court and maintain loyal customers.

It was all about learning to become incredibly useful to potential prospects. Why you better master the art of being unforgettable and invest for the long-haul. Great stuff!

The other was Julien Smith, and part of his conversation focused on generating compelling content by realizing that people spread emotion, so polarizing posts are often the most viral. And your concern for audience response is guaranteed to stifle your creativity. Learn to be okay creating content that people might just hate.

Finding your own way to emulate overnight sensations like Epic Meal Time or The Oatmeal might be a smart move, as you ARE competing for attention with Lady Gaga, Charlie bit my finger again and even the family dog. Fluffy does need to pee.

For the record, I thoroughly enjoy the work of both guys for completely different reasons.
And I’m paraphrasing both, but those were the points I latched onto.

After listening to these two very popular bloggers / authors, I started thinking about a few things.

1. The perspectives illustrate how large and complex the online playing field has become.

2. If you have an end-goal in social, you should seriously consider what side of the equation you want to be on.

For this post we’ll focus on two sides:

On one side, we have blogging for business and all that entails. Here, you might be a consultant looking for clients or someone trying to achieve that ever-elusive passive online income.

On the other, we have something a bit more nebulous, which is more about becoming “internet famous.” The end goal could be writing books, speaking or maybe even becoming a YouTube sensation.

Then of course we have everything in-between.

So, this is very black and white and I realize there is a big, fat gray area between the two, but I think each camp has a strong allure and a gigantic chunk of budding bloggers might shoot for the moon in either direction.

What about you?

Are you blogging for business?

Do you have a larger end-goal in mind?

Is there some happy, in-between land?

The constantly evolving “social landscape” is growing more complex by the day. I’m not sure if there’s a race for the few top slots left? If they’re already taken? Or, if the larger, wider playing field translates to room for all with no end in sight?

What do you think? Does it even matter?

If you’re serious about your place in blogtopia I would think you’re constantly thinking about your Reasons for being here.

And I imagine more than a few of you might have some pretty far out goals. Be honest.

Want to be the next Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin or even Tim Ferriss?

Care to enter the Ad Age Power 150?

Want to hit the speaking circuit, write a book or both?

Or do you simply want to grow your business and get more clients?

If you’re shooting for all of the above … Godspeed.

What IS realistic and how far into the future are you looking?

I really want to know. This stuff fascinates me, really.

Regardless, there is a similar formula for online success: Notice trends and adapt, leverage your existing network, and be exceptional. Right?

What is your sweet spot when it comes to social media?

Must you decide what side of the equation you want to be on?

If not, what is your in-between?

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Josh March 15, 2012 at 1:24 am

Me, I’m just trying to promote my music or other business opportunity and want to help people with my blog in the meantime. But that would be awesome if blogging really did get those two hot girls kissing me like in that pic.


Jason Fonceca March 15, 2012 at 3:11 am

You can have anything you want, man :)


Craig McBreen March 15, 2012 at 5:29 pm

That’s the spirit, Jason. Maybe you can become Josh’s agent ;)


Jason Fonceca March 15, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Well, I can put him in touch with someone — for myself, I was called a Personal Development Rockstar *and* a Rockstar Urban Sage, just this week :)
Jason Fonceca recently posted..19 Examples Of Celebrities Who Think SuccessMy Profile


Craig McBreen March 15, 2012 at 8:38 pm

I’ve never been called a Rockstar or Sage, but “Rockstar Urban Sage” is pretty amazing. Good for you Jason, and grateful you’ve come by to add so much. Appreciate your presence here.

Craig McBreen March 15, 2012 at 5:28 pm

Hi Josh,

Well, you’ve certainly found a purpose online, and I do think the fact that you want to help people is the big one. I do believe if you offer something up, however small, and do it consistently … this is the key to staying power. Now, I haven’t been blogging for a very long time, but I think I have learned from the best :)

Kissing models, huh? Well, you never know, Josh. One day you might have your own groupies ;)

Thanks for stopping by my little place on the web. I really do appreciate it!


Jason Fonceca March 15, 2012 at 3:10 am

Craig, awesome topic! I am VERY passionate about this.

In my view, ‘famous’ people are those who focus on contributing to the world as widely and as deeply as possible, increasingly, and never give up on it.

Is Oprah famous for fame, or for business? How about Jay-Z? Deepak Chopra + Tony Robbins are both extremely uplifting people, but they’re also huge CEOs.

To me fame = ‘reach’.

Everyone is ‘famous’ or ‘known’ to a certain degree. By their family, by their friends, by their industries. Increase your reach, increase your fame.

On top of that, the amount of people we touch, and how deeply we do so, is also directly related to our economic rewards.

People just get confused and starstruck when they observe someone who’s done these things exceptionally well, and the conversation gets all… messed up.


Craig McBreen March 15, 2012 at 8:35 pm

Hi Jason,

Thanks, and now you see the stuff that fascinates me ;)

If we add the word “lasting” as in fame that doesn’t flame out, I think you are spot on. There are always exceptions of course, but the people you mentioned have lasting fame because they are giving something: Great music, philanthropy, inspiration, etc. And it’s usually a mix of many things, of course.

Thanks for adding “reach” to the conversation. Yes! Glad you brought that up.

And I guess it would be almost impossible to skip the economic reward part if you had tremendous reach … unless of course you’re the Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa.

And you are right. It is amazing how we are often so starstruck and assign such lofty status to someone. It then becomes idol worship vs. simple admiration, and that is messed up.

Great stuff! :)


Jason Fonceca March 16, 2012 at 9:12 pm

Want more fresh thoughts?

On “lasting” fame:
All fame is “lasting” fame, until we make choices for it not to be.

On Economic reward for Mother Teresa + Dalai Lama:
Does economic reward have to equal dollars, or is it something greater? Gandhi was ‘poor’ but wielded the power of a country. He could’ve had anything he wanted, at any time.

God, one of the best chats I’ve had on any blog, anywhere. You have a FANTASTIC community here, and you ask BALLIN’ questions.


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 10:21 pm

Mother Teresa + Dalai Lama are on another level entirely.

Gandhi wielded amazing power and what was even more amazing was how he accomplished it.

Thanks, Sir! I really appreciate that. I would say you helped power the conversation … immensely!


Bill Dorman March 15, 2012 at 1:16 pm

Hells bells, it’s all about me; it should be pretty obvious I want to be so famous I can’t even leave my house, I have so many groupies the party’s always at my crib.

Social is still very tech oriented; it’s very obvious to me I’m not going to be the next Steve Jobs, I don’t possess that intellect or curiosity. But I do have common sense (my wife doesn’t get a vote) and I know ‘things’.

I feel I have enough depth in my profession there are many things I could blog about w/ insurance; I feel I know people pretty well and could do the same with it; I also feel the same about sales and could certainly weigh in on what seems to work and not work not only from the sellers side but the buyers side as well; I am deep enough in the ‘system’ with my volunteer Guardian ad Litem work I could write plenty there too; however, as much as people think writing about social is blah, blah, blah, that is how I feel about most of the niche blogs I see. Engagement and two-way conversation is what will keep me around; the flip side of that is, those are the people I seek w/ my blog, that is my end-game.

If I become famous or known w/in this arena I am perfectly comfortable being the ‘accidental’ celebrity. I’m not seeking it out and I don’t have a master plan to make it happen. Does that make me a less than ambitious slacker? Possibly, because if I felt my goal was to really be an A-lister or somebody of renown I could certainly make it happen. I’ve seen the ones who have chosen this route and those who have made it has been more due to the fact they chose this route and stuck with it; not because they have something we don’t have.

My sweet spot? It’s being social; I can assure you it’s not being a tech/geek because I get blown out of the water if I try to play there. My other sweet spot? Is helping and connecting others, work and play. Whatever I’m doing in here can blend those and make something meaningful come out, then I’m way ahead of the game.

Maybe I am an anomaly or just a goofball that has little chance for success with this model; but guess what, the sun will still come up tomorrow regardless of what path I choose and I’m ok with that.
Bill Dorman recently posted..Great hair alone won’t make you awesome in socialMy Profile


Craig McBreen March 15, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Hi Bill,

I see you wrote a novel today ;)

Okay, my clients are calling me, but I’ll be back when I have time to respond … soon!


Craig McBreen March 15, 2012 at 9:07 pm

Hi Bill,

How did you know I was talking about you? ;)

Social is fairly tech oriented, but there is certainly a gap being bridged between technology and creativity. Today you don’t need to be so technically proficient to make it happen and that’s what makes blogging and social media so damned interesting.

The playing field has been leveled and the plebes (you and I) are entering this arena in increasing numbers. Makes for one interesting party, huh?

I figured it was okay to call you a plebe. I still consider myself a freshman.

I certainly know you know “things.” :) Smarter than the average bear of course. I and I’m sure, others are glad you didn’t start an insurance or sales blog.

What you’ve written about “making it happen” reminds me of what Jason wrote about people often being starstruck. You might become an ‘accidental’ celebrity, but if your goal was to become an A-lister, yes I’m certain you know how to make it happen. But the reason they are “there” is because they stuck it out not because they possess some special sauce or insane creativity. It really is about “sticktoitiveness.”

I’d say “helping and connecting others, work and play” is a fine sweet spot.

It will be interesting to see where this journey takes you.

Thanks again for adding to the conversation, Bill.


Jason Fonceca March 16, 2012 at 9:13 pm

I second Craig on this, Bill, and respect to you for knowing clearly where you stand. That alone starts generating fame. :)


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 10:22 pm

Bill knows a hell of a lot more than he lets on ;)


Jen Gresham March 15, 2012 at 2:32 pm

For the record, yes, I want to hit the speaking circuit. Yes, I want to publish a book, and I want a platform so big I don’t need the big publishers. And finally, yes, I’m running a business thank you.

How best to do all that?

I think by being me. Whether that’s inspirational or controversial. Whether it’s optimistic or struggling to find my way. I think people overthink it. Write the best truth you can. Be vulnerable in enumerable ways. Learn from it all.

I guess I just don’t think of writing as a sport. It’s a conversation hopefully worth having with the right people.

Is that controversial enough to hire me to come speak to your group? I hope so. :)
Jen Gresham recently posted..Be the Envy of YourselfMy Profile


Craig McBreen March 15, 2012 at 9:37 pm

Hi Jen,

You and me both :) Want to get into speaking, that is.

Regarding a book: Seeing what you’ve accomplished so far, I have no doubt you’ll achieve your goals. And yes, having a large enough platform to skip the middleman certainly would be nice … and is attainable!

I love what you’ve written, because I’ve blathered on about finding your own special form of genius and letting the world know about it. Exposing yourself a bit and being vulnerable (without TMI of course) is the best way, me thinks :)

This whole blogging venture is a process of discovery, and finding the right people along the way is part of the fun. Oh, and you find out a little more about yourself which isn’t so bad.

Hoping I get to see you speak sometime in the near future.

Thanks, Jen!


Danny Brown March 15, 2012 at 4:23 pm

Great discussion starter, mate, and one that so many bloggers often struggle with. Bill Dorman gets it right – it is about me.

Now, before that gets misconstrued, think about it.

- You want to create an area for commerce to make you money.

- You want to create a space to make you a thought leader.

- You want to create a space for people to read you.

- You want to create a space where you can disagree with peers and opinion.

- You want to create a space where people share thoughts on what you wrote.

In every single example above, there is one single word that’s repeated in every one – the word you. That’s not ego-centric; that’s not blowing your own trumpet. It’s just a cold hard fact.

However, I think we can all agree – Jay and Julien included – that no matter what approach you take, creating value for others while doing it is where you’ll succeed.

Cheers, sir!
Danny Brown recently posted..Is Your Business Adapting to the Fast Economy Quickly Enough?My Profile


Jason Fonceca March 15, 2012 at 4:29 pm

“that no matter what approach you take, creating value for others while doing it is where you’ll succeed.”

Seconded. Well said, Danny :)


Danny Brown March 15, 2012 at 4:41 pm

Cheers kindly, mister! :)
Danny Brown recently posted..Is Your Business Adapting to the Fast Economy Quickly Enough?My Profile


Craig McBreen March 15, 2012 at 9:49 pm


Well said. Plenty of wisdom in this group.

I asked and I am receiving :)


Craig McBreen March 15, 2012 at 9:47 pm

Hi Danny,

Thank you. Fun stuff, eh?

I would say you are correct on all points, and I am hoping to work a bit more diligently on the first two in the coming weeks/months ;)

When I first started this whole thing, I really had to get comfortable with the idea of self-promotion. I’ll be 100% honest in saying it was extremely uncomfortable at first, and so unlike anything I had ever done. But once I got into the groove, realized it is a perfectly okay practice and is definitely not ego-centric. Thanks for making that point!

The more people I discover online, the happier I am that they decided to show themselves to the world, well, our little utopia, in their own way.

Like I mentioned in the post, I get a ton of value from both Jay and Julien.

Also … thanks again for your tagline idea … it’s still under consideration. I’ve been slowly checking things off my list and that change is coming very soon! :)


Davina K. Brewer March 15, 2012 at 6:05 pm

Jason is spot-on, Oprah is famous for being famous .. but probably should be just as famous for business. Look at Danny’s list, she did that: made herself a thought leader, created her own place where she could do/say pretty much anything she wanted, her own way of offering value to fans, and made money doing it.

Like Bill, I’ve been a successful connector and curator. Great reward in bringing value to others, helping build relationships. But there’s more to it than that – which is why I’m trying for a recalibration. I don’t care from book deals and speaking gigs (introvert, though I know there are those who require that kind of street cred) but I do want business success.

The folks you mentioned may be ‘Internet’ famous, but my F&F don’t know them – yet they’ve reached the right numbers of the right people to be successful. Being Internet famous won’t be enough, not if the people that ‘know’ you aren’t doing the hiring/buying (unless the end goal is just the fame for fame’s sake). But the best blog in the world won’t do you any favors either – not if you don’t have enough ‘fame’ for it to be read, shared. In the end, I think we need to balance them both. FWIW.
Davina K. Brewer recently posted..Do you relate to your customers?My Profile


Jason Fonceca March 15, 2012 at 6:58 pm

[bows] Thank you, Davina :) I like your expansion on things, and the way you tied my comment into Danny’s.

Great discussion, Craig!

Rock on and ryze up, all :)
Jason Fonceca recently posted..19 Examples Of Celebrities Who Think SuccessMy Profile


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 12:27 am

Hi Jason,

I usually always like Davina’s take on things. :) Rock on!


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 12:26 am

Hi Davina,

Agreed! And whenever someone gets that famous, they will be taking some major hits, but that comes with the territory.

My F&F don’t know any of these people either, but my wife is starting to get familiar with some of the usual suspects. Being Internet famous is being the most popular kid inside a giant bubble, but they sure are making it work and some are making piles of money in the process.

The ones who’ve figured out, that is, like you’ve said … “Being Internet famous won’t be enough, not if the people that ‘know’ you aren’t doing the hiring/buying”

Like you, I think you can find a balance and it really doesn’t have to be so black and white, but you have to admit it was great as a conversation starter and I’m getting some great comments, thanks, Ma’am!


Davina K. Brewer March 16, 2012 at 2:30 pm

It is a big bubble; with plenty of noise and garbage there, making it harder for other good voices to get heard, recognized and yeah, hired. So balance to get noticed, get your voice heard, then ultimately making the piles of money… I’d be happy w/ small pile. ;-)


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 6:38 pm

I’d be happy with a small pile of cabbage too ;)

I also wouldn’t mind being recognized Outside of the bubble, as sometimes we get too caught up in social.


Marie Ennis-O'Connor (@JBBC) March 15, 2012 at 6:38 pm

This stuff fascinates me too Craig! My fascination lies in the potential for social good inherent in social media – I could go on and on about how much this lights my fire :-) but I will try to restrain myself enough to say for now that there is a third way – neither blogging for business, nor fame – but blogging to support, to empower, to inform, to mobilize and to motivate an online community, or cause.
Marie Ennis-O’Connor (@JBBC) recently posted..Debunking the breast cancer mythsMy Profile


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 12:30 am

Hi Marie,

Glad I’m not the only one! :)

I’m glad you brought up social good, because you’re right, there is so much potential. And you’re so right, there is a third way.

And just think of someone who becomes “famous” in this realm, with tremendous reach, and how much good they could do. I know there are bloggers out there supporting great causes, because they now realize their reach.

Love the message and thanks for stopping by!


Jens P. Berget March 15, 2012 at 7:31 pm

Hi Craig,

I believe that we should be authentic. If you’re blogging for business, tell the world. If you’re not, tell the world. I used to just blog in order to understand more about blogging and marketing, now I’m more or less blogging for business. That’s because I’m starting a business. But, I don’t think that I’ll be a whole lot different. I’ll still be writing about pizza and things related to my walks, but in the end, I’ll probably be more focused on who I am and why I’m doing what I’m doing… it’s about passion, but now I need to make a living. And that makes the words I use count in a different way, I just haven’t figured out how :)
Jens P. Berget recently posted..Milk Marketing is Turning PersonalMy Profile


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 2:58 am

Hi Jens,

Agreed! I’ve seen quite a transition at your place and I’m really liking the informative posts, and videos. Great stuff, Jens.

You’re also right about it not being that different. I know if your transitioning your posts will have a different focus and are more streamlined, etc., but you can still write about pizza, walks, whatever, right? Why not, right?

If you have to make a living you get creative and work smarter, … and at a more deliberate pace. It looks like you are doing great, but yes, please keep writing about pizza. Old Jen’s place would never be the same without the occasional pizza story. :)


Gini Dietrich March 15, 2012 at 8:59 pm

This year we started tracking where our leads are coming from. They ALL come from my speaking or Spin Sucks. So I’d say we’re blogging for business. But the little ego boost every day certainly keeps us going.
Gini Dietrich recently posted..Five Reasons to Begin Podcasting TodayMy Profile


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 3:14 am

Hi Gini,

It’s amazing when you think how quickly all has changed, with most leads coming directly from blogging and social media engagement, and of course speaking, in your case. I’m still cold-calling, yes, cold-calling ;) Believe it or not, it’s still fairly effective for certain industries (I know … :0), but I don’t think I’ll be doing it much longer … what a relief! ;)

Working hard on the speaking gigs, and you certainly keep me motivated to do so.

Thanks for stopping by and good to hear Spin Sucks is making great things happen!


Alicia Jay March 15, 2012 at 9:55 pm

I started my blog with strictly business intentions. I was hoping to write to attract new clients. I feel I received so much more by putting myself out there! I’ve made some wonderful connections and relationships. Although not every one of those people turned into clients, some became friends, helpers, helpees and colleagues. Much more than I’d bargained for!

Now that I’ve been taking this path for a little while I’ve started to switch things up a bit. Still blogging for business. However, I now have a goal of being a bit more helpful to the people on the path just behind me. I wish I’d had someone guiding me from the beginning and telling me all the good stuff–and the mistakes. I’d like to do that for someone else just for the purpose of helping. It feels good!
Alicia Jay recently posted..Making Connections With Your ClientsMy Profile


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 3:26 am

Hi Alicia,

That’s one of the best things about blogging, really. You meet great people. Some turn out to be mentors, business partners, or if your lucky, clients. :) Even if that isn’t the case, you can develop some solid friendships and maybe even get a pat on the back every once in a while.

Good to see you are still blogging for business. I think a good mix of writing related to business, along with a dose of help is a great way to go, and it is great you are offering that up.

It does feel good to help out!

Thanks for swinging by. Hope you had a great time in Boston, or should I say, Baasten ;)


Alicia Jay March 16, 2012 at 3:36 am

Thanks, Craig! Dorman and I were wondering where to paaak the caaah;) (Note: These comments were not meant to offend any Bostonians. I really like you and your city. Please don’t beat me up.)
Alicia Jay recently posted..Making Connections With Your ClientsMy Profile


Jason Fonceca March 16, 2012 at 4:02 am

This may be the best comment in the thread.

Jason Fonceca recently posted..19 Examples Of Celebrities Who Think SuccessMy Profile


Jason Fonceca March 16, 2012 at 4:03 am

[Jason goes back to laughing... literally... out loud.]
Jason Fonceca recently posted..19 Examples Of Celebrities Who Think SuccessMy Profile


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 5:32 pm

You too, huh? :) ;)


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 5:32 pm

I just said “paaak the caaah” to myself three times ;) “paaak the caaah!” There I go again ;)


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 5:31 pm

Ha, good one! :)

But nah, I don’t think this will offend. Bostonians are a tough crowd. If you said something about the Red Sox that would be an entirely different matter ;)


Alicia Jay March 16, 2012 at 8:21 pm

Oh, but it IS a different matter. I’m a Phillies fan;) I do have to say, the tour of Fenway Park was pretty awesome. You don’t have to be a Red Sox fan to appreciate it–just a baseball lover.
Alicia Jay recently posted..Making Connections With Your ClientsMy Profile


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 8:42 pm

Ah, the Phillies. You’re probably still thinking, Those Damn Cardinals! ;)

One of my favorite former Mariners went to your Phillies (Jamie Moyer) and now I understand he signed with the Colorado Rockies at age 49!

I’ve always wanted to go to Fenway. To tour AND see a game. Now if it could only be between the Yankees and Red Sox! :) I guess those games sell out pretty early, huh?


Alicia Jay March 16, 2012 at 8:51 pm

Yeah, lots of history there. Oldest park with a whole section of oldest seats in all of baseball stadium history. At some point when I get a little free time I’ll post pics on Facebook–don’t remember if you’re on there.

Yeah, they don’t like the Yankees too much over there! They made lots of Yankees jokes during the tour;)
Alicia Jay recently posted..Making Connections With Your ClientsMy Profile

Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 8:58 pm

Now I’m thinking of spring and warm weather :)

I’m sure then never run out of Yankees jokes … I heard they really love A-Rod ;)


Jack@TheJackB March 16, 2012 at 6:56 am

My goal is to say that I have more than 1 million former readers. It makes for quite a tagline, now doesn’t it. ;)

And if I can’t have that then let me become a published author of books, been published elsewhere, so books would be nice.

Don’t care if anyone reads the first one as long as I get it done. Ok, that is not entirely true, I need readers but I am more focused on getting the first book written and published. There is something very cool about that.

The trick is trying to find a way to get our readers to read our posts, nod their head sand think “this is me he is talking about.”
Jack@TheJackB recently posted..Be A Better Blogger- Sustain Your Effort EditionMy Profile


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 6:29 pm

Especially if you emphasize, “former” ;) Quite a tagline, regardless.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see you on the NYT Bestseller list one day, as you are focusing on the most important project for you. Anyway, yes, there is something extremely cool about that.

I know it’s been said more than a few times, but thinking about your one person does work. I’m not saying every single post needs to be written for that one person, but it does help with direction, but I’m keeping mine a secret ;)

Thanks for stopping by Jack, best of luck with all the writing ahead of you. Exciting stuff!


Jack@TheJackB March 18, 2012 at 5:06 am

Well that would be something, to be listed on the NYT. Certainly a worthy goal to shoot for.

A good secret is worth a lot. I am a fan of those and the mystery they bring.
Jack@TheJackB recently posted..Pinterest Forced Me To Change How I BlogMy Profile


Craig McBreen March 18, 2012 at 10:37 pm

Just sayin’ I wouldn’t be surprised. At least I could say I knew you before you became famous.


Jack@TheJackB March 19, 2012 at 4:27 am

Not only that but if you called I would answer.
Jack@TheJackB recently posted..The Joy & Glory Of Being DadMy Profile

Craig McBreen March 19, 2012 at 10:35 pm

Good to know! ;)

Ralph Dopping March 16, 2012 at 12:12 pm

Hey Craig,
Awesome thread of comments. Funny thing. I almost forgot the content of your post after reading the commentary.

Thanks Jason, you seem to be pumped about this topic and your original comments about “reach” seem to be the golden goose especially if it’s business that you are blogging for. After all, isn’t fame also the same endgame as the business side?

It may be obvious and I am one to point out the obvious but one thing that didn’t seem to come up is “time”. The stick-to-it-ness is an important factor, me thinks.

Thanks Alicia, whom I don’t know (obvious again). You nailed it with where do you paaak the caaah….er, I mean helping people and guiding them. That’s cool (and I could use some of that magic).

Thanks Danny for your practical tips. I see that it needs to be about you (I mean me) but moreover the conversation starter is HUGE to me mainly because that is the ‘sauce’ that I still am working hard to mix correctly.

And finally, thanks Craig, for starting the conversation. I think the common tread I took from all this discourse is that all involved want to help people succeed!
Ralph Dopping recently posted..What’s a vacationing blogger to do?My Profile


Jason Fonceca March 16, 2012 at 2:13 pm

Hahah… thanks Ralph, Craig, and eeeeevvvryone! It’s great when the discussion really gets going :)

I’m known as a bit of a sh*t-starter as I love to bring fresh angles and ideas to the table — they’re usually well-thought-out and rock-solid… usually ;)
Jason Fonceca recently posted..Success Is A Story (And You’re Telling It Wrong)My Profile


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 6:36 pm

Hi Jason,

I’d say they’re rock-solid you sh*t-starter, you. ;)

Thanks again.


Jason Fonceca March 16, 2012 at 9:08 pm

lol! Total team effort, man. S’tricky to start some sh*t, without ammo & an audience ;)

You deliver both.


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 10:18 pm

Love it. Back at ya! Hope you have a great weekend!

Jason Fonceca March 18, 2012 at 4:52 pm

P.S. Craig, can I quote this “sh*t-starter” line from you for the promo of Ryze’s almost-ready-to-debut How To ‘Be Real’ Blueprint ? I’d really appreciate it!
Jason Fonceca recently posted..19 Examples Of Celebrities Who Think SuccessMy Profile


Craig McBreen March 18, 2012 at 10:36 pm

Of course. Even though it is really me plagiarizing your comment ;)

Jason Fonceca March 19, 2012 at 12:09 am

Hahah, and that goes back to my team effort line :P
Jason Fonceca recently posted..19 Examples Of Celebrities Who Think SuccessMy Profile

Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 6:35 pm

Hi Ralph,

Yes! I love to write posts that ask questions like this one, because they generate so much food for thought.

When I’m mulling something over I can simply post it and all the smart people come out to answer my questions.

I do love Jason’s comments about “reach” and he obviously has studied this topic and is passionate about it. Just glad he stopped by and shared.

To me, “sticktoitiveness” IS extremely important of course, but like you’ve mentioned, we’ll get nowhere fast if we are not helping people in some way.

Great stuff, thanks!


Jason Fonceca March 16, 2012 at 9:15 pm

“I do love Jason’s comments about “reach” and he obviously has studied this topic and is passionate about it. Just glad he stopped by and shared.”

I have, deeply, and I continue to! I have a guest post on Kim Kardashian coming soon to Laura Roeder’s (Creating Fame :) ) site.

I agree with you both about sticktoitiveness.

Persistence is a key ingredient of success.


Craig McBreen March 16, 2012 at 10:23 pm

Well … that should generate some traffic for you! Again … have a good one!


Michelle March 22, 2012 at 12:56 pm

I simply love the heading. The post is great too. I think it is quite important to differentiate between the two. But actually sitting down and deciding is a tough one. Some may not even be able to choose and may be on the fence. What do yo think Craig? Must they decide or can they have the best of both?


Craig McBreen March 30, 2012 at 11:00 pm

Hi Michelle,

And sorry for the late reply. Somehow you were caught in my WordPress spam trap and not sure how that happened! I honestly think you can have a balance, but wanted to differentiate for emphasis and get some questions answered. And I did receive some great responses.

Thanks for coming by!


marti garaughty March 29, 2012 at 4:22 pm

hi Craig… brilliant points. I guess for many of us the fine line between business and fame is getting kind of blurry, they intersect in so many ways. ;-)
marti garaughty recently posted..site update and redesignMy Profile


Craig McBreen March 29, 2012 at 9:50 pm

Hi Marti,

Thank you for the kind words, Sir!

You’re so right, it’s all getting sorta blurry. I do really like Danny’s points above. It is about me (you) no doubt, but creating value is where you will succeed.

I really appreciate you coming by.


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